My Story


Hello Again!

I'm just going to use this space to give you a little more depth into my story, and why this mission is so important to me.

Growng up in an entrepreneural family, I sort of new what I wanted to do with my life ( of course have a business of my own), but early on I sensed something deeper and more profound was going to consume my focus.

You see I had this uneasy stirring inside of me, that literally consumed my thoughts and my emotions, where it felt almost imperative that  I find the answers to some of life's deepest questions:

  • Who am I really, who are We as a people and why are We here?
  • What is the purpose of this whole journey of ours?
  • Do we truly have the ability to create our own life, or is there some kind of fate that predetermines our destiny?
  • And what  happens after all of this? Is that it. and if so, then what was it all about?

There is one very important realization that I came to understand early on:

There are a tremendous amount of dark moments and fears that surface when you have to tear down old programmed beliefs about yourself and what you believed was the true nature of reality and then slowly reinstall over time new ones.

And I can say without a doubt that every one of these moments of disillusionment and insecurity has propelled me into the peaceful serenity and clarity I have about myself and my life today.

Truly Knowing Who You Really Are, and how to create your Dream Life with a Loving Universal energy as your partner, is a Freedom that just cannot be explained in words. 

And this is what I want for you!

  • To show you how to open your Heart and your Mind to what is possible.
  • To help guide you into a level of Inner Wisdom and Power that you didn't even know was possible.
  • To show you that no matter where you are in your life, no matter what the circumstances are, that you have the Internal Resources, Guidance and Ability to re-create a new you, and thus change your life.

You are special, you are worthy, you are loved, you are here for a reason ... that there is no doubt.

It's time that you start believing in You again!